Re: Announcing the official results ?

Hi Vincent,
Since you have done such a good job in the organisation of the election, I donnu want to take any of the 'glory' from you ;).
I would like to learn the details of all the elections scripts etc though.

        I have no problem to have Glynn help on membership.


Vincent Untz wrote:
Hi all,

The preliminary results should become official in 26 hours. Does someone
here want to announce the final results for the elections ? I can do it,
but I'll be glad to let someone else do it ;-)

The results have to be mailed to the foundation mailing-lists and to be
announced on
Oh, and I think I forgot to tell you all that I invited Glynn to join
back the membership-committee gnome org mailing-list. As a (future)
member of the board and past member of the committee, I think he'll be
able - and glad - to help us when we have some problems.


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