Re: New applications

Le Jeudi 12 décembre 2002, a 10:13, Ghee Teo a ecrit :
Hi Vincent,
              Good to hear you back ;)
      Your recommendation sounds good. I lost count of how many new
      applications come in since 1 Nov 2002. I think it is a bit more
      than the list here, right? Are they all in applications list ?

Yes, all applications are in application_status.txt.
Looking at this file: right now, there are 4 applications that are not
yet processed and Andy is working on one application (348).

The 4 applications are:
355 Soren Poulsen -> didn't look at it enough, but I remember seeing
his email in many bug reports
358 Marc Maurer -> see my previous mail
360 Christian Neumair -> didn't look at it enough, but I think he should
be okay (need to verify)
362 David Kennedy -> see my previous mail

Ooops. I need to s/vuntz/vincent/ in application_status.txt :-)


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