New applications

Hi there !

I've been away for some time. But I'm back now :)
Here are some thoughts about the new applications:

358 Marc Maurer: this guy has done some good work for Abiword. Now the
question is "Is Abiword part of the GNOME project ?" I'm still not
satisfied with the new guidelines. Corner cases like this one are not
covered... What do you think, guys ? I suppose here we should be
'inclusive' (and, btw, I'd be glad to accept a new abiword hacker).

361 Erik Walthinsen: I'm asking Christan Schaller what he thinks. Should
be okay.

362 David Kennedy: well, I'm biased for this one (I'm a member of the
bug squad). So I don't want to approve (or reject) his application. I
would accept this guy. He has come only recently, but has made really
huge things for the bug squad. I recommend approving.

365 David Neary: I'm asking Hadess what he thinks about this applicant.
I think he should be approved if it's okay for Hadess.

That's all for now.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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