Re: Update Windows binaries

On 19 May 2018 at 05:46, Vasily Galkin <galkin-vv yandex ru> wrote:
Hello again!
Due to recent pangocairo changes in mingw-msys2 meld 3-18 become incompatible with it (even running from 

Honestly, I think it's unlikely that moving 3.18 to msys2 is worth it.
The current Windows builds work (even if the pipeline doesn't _really_
work for publishing them) and that's better than new issues from an
msys2 change.

So I cherrypicked last changes Keegan Witt made for 3-18 (thanks!) changes to new branch created from 
current master, fix pangocairo and make some more adjustments:
 - fixed paths to glib data installation
 - XDG_DATA_DIR separator
 - added caching of msys packages in appveyour data to achieve build stability on rolling-release msys2

I don't know much about msys2... does it not have a way of pinning
package versions?

 - remove libwebp (it looks unused?)

It will just be there as a gdkpixbuf loader. We don't load webp
images, but if in the future we e.g., added image diff or something,
then we'd probably want to put it back.

 - unified. renamed mingw64+32 scripts in single msys2 script

The repo with scripts is here -
(meld-installer-build branch)
The resulting installer is here:

Awesome! thanks. This looks like a huge step forward to me, and I'd be
keen to merge it whenever you think it's ready. In fact, given that
right now 3.19 doesn't work at all, I think we can be pretty generous
with what "ready" means.

It's also worth noting that it's *possible* that we might be able to
do this building on the GNOME Gitlab instance in the future (instead
of Appveyor). I don't think this changes anything about what you've
written, since the steps will be 90% the same, and I would rather get
something working now.

This installer installs meld master (3.19-based) and the resulting installation behaviour is identical to 
meld executed from checkout on msys2:
 - It mostly works if executed from cmd line with files arguments (works 80% of time, but may crash or hang)
 - for up-to-date msys2 version meld master has huge problems with selection&comparing files via new tab 
page, at least on windows 7.

Is the issue to do with Meld, or is it the file selector itself?

So it looks that installation build scripts themselves are mostly correct and this version achieves basic 
windows compatibility for current master with msys2.
The commit history of achieving this compatibility mostly contains trial&error commits.
Should the commit history be included in merge request or squashed to single commit describing ideas of 
most important changes?

I had a read through that branch, and while I think the commit history
+ messages could be cleaned up a bit (if you're comfortable with
interactive rebase) there's nothing wrong with having the full history
there. I'd probably prefer that to having a single squashed commit.


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