Re: SVN Keyword filter

On 7/24/2015 8:53 PM, Kai Willadsen wrote:

I think this can be fixed by
changing the line in data/org.gnome.meld.gschema.xml from

              ("CVS/SVN keywords", false, "\$\\w+(:[^\\n$]+)?\$"),


              ("CVS/SVN keywords", false, "\\$\\w+(:[^\\n\\$]+)?\\$"),

i.e., by doubling the back slashes before each $.

Interesting... I'm sure this has worked in the past, so I guess the
gsettings schema migration must have changed the required escaping.
Thanks for finding this; I'll probably just apply that change after
some testing.

I would like to make a suggestion for your testing of the proposed change.

When I tested this change, I found that the back slashes immediately
preceding the first and third dollar signs need to be doubled for the
filter to work for single line SVN keywords.  I guess (I have trouble
reading regex) that the middle dollar sign following the \n is for
multiline SVN keywords. Doubling the backslashes preceding the second
dollar sign didn't make any difference to success or failure for my
single line SVN keywords.  I unfortunately don't have any examples of
multiline SVN keywords and am unsure of the details of their format.  So
I suggest examining this point which was outside the scope of what I was
able to test.

Kind regards,


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