SVN Keyword filter


I'm using a development version (master) of meld that I cloned from git
last night with Python 2.7.9 on Windows 7.

I found that the CVS/SVN keyword filter didn't work for me to ignore SVN
keywords.  That is, things like e.g.,

$Id: 185 2011-07-14 17:39:33Z izzy $



were not ignored in the file and directory comparison.  The default
regex filter setting for CVS/SVN keywords is


Changing the regex filter to


so that each dollar sign is delimited with a backslash enables it to
recognize and successfully filter out the SVN keywords.  Without the
backslash, the dollar sign is recognized as a special character in the
regexp meaning "match end of string".  I think this can be fixed by
changing the line in data/org.gnome.meld.gschema.xml from

              ("CVS/SVN keywords", false, "\$\\w+(:[^\\n$]+)?\$"),


              ("CVS/SVN keywords", false, "\\$\\w+(:[^\\n\\$]+)?\\$"),

i.e., by doubling the back slashes before each $.

Finally, I'd like to say that Meld is an awesome tool.  Thanks for
making and maintaining it!


Stead Kiger

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