Re: Meld 3.13.3

On 12 July 2015 at 15:16, Keegan Witt <keeganwitt gmail com> wrote:
Awesome!  Don't forget to update the download links on the homepage when you
get a chance.

Ah, I assume you're referring to the Windows MSI link?

So... 3.13.3 is a development release (because Meld does odd/even
stable/unstable numbering). I haven't been providing Windows MSIs for
unstable releases, simply because it takes me at least as long to do
the MSI release as the whole of the rest of the release process
combined. I did one for 3.13.3 because someone asked for it, and
because I'm hoping to release 3.14 soon.

If there's interest in unstable Windows releases, I could look at
trying to automate the Windows releases a little more, but I haven't
found the time so far.

But anyway, there's no link to the MSI simply because it's still
unstable, so the recommended Windows release for download is still the
latest 3.12.


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