How to get syntax highlighting work on Windows?

Hello everyone!

Meld is by far my most favorite diff/merge tool, but unfortunately I have to use Windows at work.

The Meld for Windows version works fine except I'm unable to get syntax highlighting to work and I can't find any instructions how to make this to work on Windows.

I'm not familiar with GTK+, but from what I understand Meld needs the gtksourceview plugin for syntax highlighting. I downloaded the GTK+ v3.6.4 Windows bundle, extracted it to a local folder and added it to my PATH environment variable. This is in my PATH: C:\GTK\bin.

After that I downloaded gtksourceview 2.10 and libxml2 2.7.8 and extracted those into my GTK+ folder. I also found some resources suggesting that I need to install Python 2.7 and pygtksourceview 2.10, so I installed those too. But syntax highlighting still won't work and yes, I have the checkbox ticked in "Preferences".

Am I doing something wrong? I'd really appreciate any help, because getting syntax highlighting to work would be totally awesome.

Thanks in advance!

- Simon

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