Re: Replacement for "merge non-conflicting"?

On Thu, Sep 18 2014 at 01:32:25 PM, Kai Willadsen <kai willadsen gmail com> wrote:
On 16 September 2014 07:26, Mitchel Humpherys <mitch special gmail com> wrote:
Looks like a recent update removed the "Merge non-conflicting" item from
meld's "Changed" menu.  I thought "Merge All" would be the equivalent
option but it always seems to result in not doing "the right thing" like
"merge non-conflicting" did.  Is there a replacement workflow for "Merge
non-conflicting" followed by manually resolving the remaining conflicts?

"Merge All" is just a rename of the menu item. It does exactly the
same action that "Merge non-conflicting" used to do, so if anything
has broken then either it was already like that, or the merging code
has changed. I don't *think* the merging code has changed much
recently, but I'd have to double check.

Hmm, all I know is that I get a bunch of stuff merged to the "middle"
buffer from what I would deem the "wrong side"...  In prior versions of
meld it always seemed to do exactly what I expected and wanted it to do.
I'm not sure when this changed but this is what I'm seeing with meld

If you have a sample bad merge, please feel free to file a bug.

Here's an example using git with meld as the mergetool:

    $ mkdir /tmp/melddemo; cd /tmp/melddemo
    $ git init
    $ seq 10 > test
    $ git add test
    $ git commit -m init
    $ git checkout -b change1
    $ sed s/5/pizza/ -i test
    $ git commit -am pizza
    $ git checkout master 
    $ sed s/5/feast/ -i test
    $ sed s/1/one/ -i test
    $ git commit -am one
    $ git merge change1 
    $ git mergetool # use "Merge All" here
    $ git diff --cached 

Here's how the final `git diff --cached' looks:

    $ git diff --cached
    diff --git a/test b/test
    index e6a96e7447..8411a685ce 100644
    --- a/test
    +++ b/test
    @@ -1,10 +1,10 @@

As you can see, my `one's got reverted back to `1's even though the
stuff being merged in (change1 branch) didn't touch those lines at all.
In prior versions of meld only the conflicting stuff would have changed
and the `one's would have been left alone.

Maybe this is specific to using meld as a git mergetool (which I would
imagine is a very common use case for meld)?


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