Re: Replacement for "merge non-conflicting"?

On 16 September 2014 07:26, Mitchel Humpherys <mitch special gmail com> wrote:
Looks like a recent update removed the "Merge non-conflicting" item from
meld's "Changed" menu.  I thought "Merge All" would be the equivalent
option but it always seems to result in not doing "the right thing" like
"merge non-conflicting" did.  Is there a replacement workflow for "Merge
non-conflicting" followed by manually resolving the remaining conflicts?

"Merge All" is just a rename of the menu item. It does exactly the
same action that "Merge non-conflicting" used to do, so if anything
has broken then either it was already like that, or the merging code
has changed. I don't *think* the merging code has changed much
recently, but I'd have to double check.

If you have a sample bad merge, please feel free to file a bug.


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