Re: Disable GSettings schemas graciously

On 15 March 2014 12:19, Rafael Ferreira <rafael f f1 gmail com> wrote:
Hi there,

My intention is to compile Meld from git without compiling schemas. I'm
setting the command lines below to create a package for my distribution --
archlinux. I first build for later install the files.  But I'm struggling to
figure out how to install all files (e.g.: i18n/localization files) without
compiling schemas.

The command listed in the step 2 will install files without error -- but
without some files I want:

1- python2 build

2- python2 \
      install --prefix=/usr --root="${pkgdir}" --optimize=1 --skip-build \
      install_data --no-compile-schemas

Please someone enlighten me on how I can install all files and without
compiling schemas.


    NO_COMPILE_SCHEMAS=1 python install --prefix=/usr
--root="install" --optimize=1

--skip-build isn't working as intended, probably because we do much of
our file collection in the build helpers, rather than splitting out
build and install steps. We should fix this, but honestly I've had
enough of fighting distutils for now/ever. If this leads to actual
problems for packaging, let me know and I'll try and work up the
mental fortitude to take a look sooner rather than later.


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