Re: Problem with Meld 3.11.0

2014-02-28 22:52 GMT+01:00 Kai Willadsen <kai willadsen gmail com>:
On 28 February 2014 07:31, Bálint Réczey <balint balintreczey hu> wrote:

2014-02-26 14:15 GMT+01:00 Claudio Fischer <claudio fischer freenet de>:

I have a problem with Meld 3.11.0. I get the following messages and meld
does not start.

My system is ubuntu 13.10 64 bit. But it seems something is messed up. Any
If you install the new dependencies, I think it will start fine.
You can check Debian's meld package for them:

Thanks for packaging it up in such a timely fashion. One note though:
we shouldn't need the gconf introspection data.
Thanks for the feedback. I will drop it in next upload.


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