Re: Error messages on windows

On 22 January 2013 03:37, Angel Ezquerra <angel ezquerra gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is my first email to this list. First of all I'd like to thank
> you guys for making meld. It really is an excellent diff tool :-D


> I have recently started using the nice windows installer that Keegan
> Witt has created for meld 1.6.1. So far things work pretty well.
> However, when I run meld using python.exe bin/meld, so that I get the
> console output, sometimes meld prints the following error message:
> C:\Program Files (x86)\Meld\meld\
> 580: Warning:
> g_object_set_qdata: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed
>   self.notebook.append_page( page.widget, nbl)
> Since I want to use meld to edit source code that often is not on
> source control yet I'd like to understand if this problem may indicate
> that something is wrong which may cause loss of data.

No, this is fine. I spent some time narrowing this down to connecting
to style signals, but I gave up before finding an actual fix. This
shouldn't have any actual effect though.

> Additionally, when I run meld I always this other error message:
>     Couldn't bind the translation domain. Some translations won't work.
> This is not an issue for me but perhaps you guys know what causes it
> so that Keegan could fix it?

I have a fix that may work in hand, so I'll add it to the list of
things I have to check out on Windows.


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