Re: not listing 1.7.0 on download button

On 21 January 2013 05:04, Keegan Witt <keeganwitt gmail com> wrote:
> Shouldn't the webpage be updated for the latest release?  Or is 1.7.0 not
> considered final yet?

I hadn't updated the page, as the 1.7 series has a *lot* of new stuff
in it, and I didn't want to make 1.7.0 the recommended download and
didn't have anywhere on the page to put a stable/unstable list.

> Also, how far away is 1.7.1?  I'm manually patching the bin\meld file in the
> Windows installer I'm working on so that pythonw works correctly with
> Windows.

That's a good question. There are two more patches that I had hoped to
land: the shallow folder comparison and the three-way diff for merges
would both be nice to get in. However, I don't have any realistic
estimation of how long that will take, so I *may* just roll 1.7.1
fairly soon and put those two off for next release.


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