Meld error invoking 'patch'

I ran into an issue with meld comparing some files.  

I'm doing some whitespace conversions of a git repository

The only changes are whitespace CRLF => LF 

$ git --version
git version

Ubuntu 12.04

Invoking 'patch' failed.

Maybe you don't have 'GNU patch' installed,
or you use an untested version of Git.

Please send email bug report to:
meld-list gnome org

Containing the following information:

- meld version: '1.5.3'
- source control software type: 'Git'
- source control software version: ''
- the output of 'git diff --relative HEAD somefile.txt'
- patch command: 'patch -p1 -R -d /tmp/tmp3Ive0T-meld'
(no need to actually run it, just provide
the command line)

Replace 'X.Y.Z' by the actual version for the
source control software you use.

Colin Harrington
colin harrington gmail com

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