Re: documentation of small star on folder icons during dirdiff?

On 6 January 2013 17:37, Scott Kostyshak <skostysh princeton edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was confused when doing a dirdiff by what the significance could be
> of the small star in the upper right of the folder icons in the dir
> trees. I read most of the documentation here:
> but I did not see it mentioned.

It's the last line under "States in folder comparisons", which says:
    "Finally, the most recently modified file/folder has an emblem
attached to it."

Granted, that's not immensely informative. Problem is that I didn't
want to say "it's the little star", because that's theoretically
themeable. In practice, we ship our own version of the icon, so we
probably should just say it; could you please file a bug? Ideally,
that whole section would have a graphic showing what the states
actually *look* like, but images in docs tend to get out of date.

> I am guessing that if a file/directory has a star that means that it
> has a newer modification (creation?) date than the other corresponding
> file/directory. Is this correct? Is it documented anywhere?

Yup, that's correct.


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