Re: VC Testing

On 14 August 2013 00:06, Louis des Landes <louis obsidian com au> wrote:
While testing the bzr changes I've ended up putting together a small shell
script which creates two repos, does a merge which results in a conflict,
and makes various changes so I can view each possible file state in a folder
VC view.

It occurred to me there is no real testing around any of the VC stuff, and
how we could best remedy this... I suspect manual testing is required, but
having a similar shell script for other VCs could make it much
easier/quicker - so perhaps these shell scripts should be added to the git


Yes, please! I have a couple of similar scripts just for setting up
basic repos for testing, and they're extremely useful. This is also an
area where people can contribute if they don't know Python but are
familiar with a particular VC system. Scripts to get things into an
'interesting' state are always handy.

For now, I think a new top-level test folder with VC stuff in it would be fine.


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