Re: Meld not working on Mac

Thank you for you suggestion...
It works fine when I run it with a filename:

meld filename

It loads meld and shows the differences between Git Head and my working version of the file. That is exactly what I needed. 

Thank you all for your help.

Hope there is a port to Mac OS in the near future.

From: Daniel Macks <dmacks netspace org>
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Subject: Re: Meld not working on Mac

On Fri, 9 Sep 2011 15:12:36 -0700 (PDT), Anas Mughal  wrote:

Honestly, Meld is the best merge tool that I have used so far. Specially because it allows picking/merging modifications on a git project. Hopefully, Meld will be ported over to Mac in the near future.  Meld is a great product. I think the team should charge money for commercial licenses.
> For now, I installed Fink on my Mac OS and tried to run Meld under it. After all the trouble of setting up fink and resolving its quirks, I could not figure out why Meld was not seeing files in its open file dialog box. I will give another try today and try to change file permissions, etc.

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> Subject: Re: Meld not working on Mac
> On 10 September 2011 04:46, Anas Mughal <anasmughal yahoo com> wrote:
> > Meld is a great compare and merge tool. > I tried to set it up on my Mac using Fink. I am now able to run it but I
> > don't see any files when I use the open file dialog. > Is there a setting or some permission issue that I need to fix.
> There shouldn't be, no.
> I've used Meld on OSX via both macports and using a jhbuild-ed
> environment, and both work reasonably well (with some cosmetic
> issues). I'm not aware of anything that should cause file-dialog
> issues on a mac, or at least none that are specific to Meld. Sorry to
> not be more help, but supporting different build environments is not
> really feasible.

Meld works for me on 10.6 under fink (configured as 32bit, I haven't tried other setups but I know others use it too). I'm the package-maintainer there. I usually run it from an xterm:

$ meld file1 file2

window opens with file1 in left pane and file2 in right pane.

Daniel Macks
dmacks netspace org

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