Re: (feature request) pdf comparison

Without suggesting that comparing PDFs is necessarily something that
Meld should support...

Would there be any interest in some kind of mime-type-based plugin
system for comparing non-plain text files? It would be possible -
easy, in fact - to provide some hooks for viewing images side-by-side,
for extracting text from PDFs, etc. This could even allow for
filtering of already comparable text files to e.g., improve
diffability of latex files.

The downside would be that a plugin system could *dramatically*
increase the scope for Meld, possibly beyond what the interface is
reasonably designed for.



2008/9/12 Stephen Kennedy <stevek gnome org>:
> Hi Dominik, no, meld is for plain text files only.
> Meld would only do the same job as pdftotext.
> Regards,
> Stephen.
> 2008/9/8 Dominik Kolmann <d k-web gmx net>:
>> Hi,
>> is it possible to compare two texts in different pdf-files?
>> If not, I think this would be a nice feature.
>> My current way to get two pdf-files compared is using "pdftotext" (in
>> xpdfutils) to convert the texts out of the pdfs and then compare them in
>> meld.
>> Regards,
>> Dominik
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