Re: Meld 1.2 and PyGTK version?

I've attached a patch that simply checks for the newer version of
pygtk before setting the tooltips. I've tested it as best I can, but I
don't have access to a box with older pygtk. The loss of functionality
is mostly cosmetic if an older pygtk is installed.

If you think the patch is a good idea (and if someone confirms that it
fixes the problem) I can commit it. Otherwise, it will at least be
here for anyone else who runs into the same problem in future.


2008/9/4 Stephen Kennedy <stevek gnome org>:
> I've usually tried to stay a little behind the bleeding edge of api
> changes, but in this case it's so small and localised I'd be ok with
> an explicit api version check before calling the new methods. When
> some larger change really means moving on, we can remove the compat
> code.
> Stephen.
> On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 11:14 AM, Kai Willadsen <kai willadsen gmail com> wrote:
>> Okay... that code is my fault. I tried to avoid anything after pygtk
>> 2.8 (which is the required version due to some cairo usage), but
>> slipped up there. What's the consensus? should 2.12 be allowable, and
>> those on older distributions can just try to comment out any newer API
>> calls, or should we stick to 2.8 (or whatever) API?
>> On a related note, does anyone know of a utility that can scan code
>> for API calls that were introduced after a certain GTK/Glib version
>> (or are deprecated after a certain version)? Seems like it would be
>> generally useful.
>> Kai
>> 2008/8/27 Stephen Kennedy <stevek gnome org>:
>>> Hi Geoff, yes the required version number should have been bumped.
>>> I can't recall how deep the 2.12 dependencies go. You may be able to run
>>> on 2.10 with some judicious commenting out (if you don't mind losing
>>> that tooltip!) Failing that, there's always the 1.x series.
>>> Regards,
>>> Stephen.
>>> On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 7:26 AM, Geoff Bache <geoff bache jeppesen com> wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I just downloaded Meld 1.2 and tried to run it on RHEL5.
>>>> It says:
>>>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>>>  File "/users/geoff/work/downloads/meld-1.2/meld", line 109, in ?
>>>>   meldapp.main()
>>>>  File "/users/geoff/work/downloads/meld-1.2/", line 876, in main
>>>>   tab = app.append_diff(args)
>>>>  File "/users/geoff/work/downloads/meld-1.2/", line 777, in
>>>> append_diff
>>>>   return self.append_filediff(paths)
>>>>  File "/users/geoff/work/downloads/meld-1.2/", line 763, in
>>>> append_filediff
>>>>   self._append_page(doc, "tree-file-normal.png")
>>>>  File "/users/geoff/work/downloads/meld-1.2/", line 740, in
>>>> _append_page
>>>>   nbl = NotebookLabel(icon, "", lambda b: self.try_remove_page(page))
>>>>  File "/users/geoff/work/downloads/meld-1.2/", line 381, in
>>>> __init__
>>>>   image.set_tooltip_text(_("Close tab"))
>>>> AttributeError: 'gtk.Image' object has no attribute 'set_tooltip_text'
>>>> If I run it on RHEL4 it says:
>>>> Meld requires pygtk2.6.0 or higher.
>>>> Due to incompatible API changes some functions may not operate as expected.
>>>> But RHEL5 has pygtk 2.10. And the method above it can't find is only
>>>> supported in PyGTK 2.12 if I check the docs.
>>>> So I guess either some code needs fixing or the required PyGTK version needs
>>>> to be bumped up. If it really does require PyGTK 2.12 I probably won't use
>>>> it as that would require building a separate GTK from source...
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Geoff Bache
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