MC 4.8.28 main menu hotkeys

I'm using the Arch build of MC 4.8.28. Everything works fine, but I do have a problem with the main menu settings, and I'm wondering if there is a way to change the hotkeys for them.

My specific problem is the change in the left or right menu, where "S" was the key for sort order. I use the menus and hotkeys, and quite frequently use the list sort option. Normally, I would hit F9 <enter> S, then select the type of sort I need. So now I key ending up attempting to make an SFTP connection to something. Not very useful....

To make matters worse, I frequently use MC on remote servers. Since most of them are either CentOS or Ubuntu based, they all use older versions of MC, where the F9<enter)S option is still valid. Becomes confusing very quickly, alternating between the current MC and an older version.

Is it possible to change the hotkey for those menu entries? I've had a look at the configuration files and can't see an option, but I don't really want to modify the source to revert to the older behaviour (and find another hotkey for the SFTP option).

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