mc view epub


I have problem with viewing and opening *.epub and applies also to .mobi but I don't very often use mobi.

From what I can trace a command/file 'einfo' has gone missing.

If in MC F3/View ANY epub or mobi file an error message "/user/lib/mc/ext.d/ 82: /user/lib/mc/ext.d/  einfo: not found"

There is also problem with opening SOME *.epub files, they open correctly directly in Okular. When they are opened in MC Okular comes up in tall narrow window but with two panes, the left is a list of random?/not recent  *.pdf files and the right the opening page of file, only part of page width and very small font. However that was all that was viewable. Couldn't go to next page. In bottom right corner is three vertical dots clicking on that either closes the left pane then, or if window width is increased, brings up thumbnails of pages and they can be opened but only that page. Have to go back to thumb nails for next page. I have never seen anything like it using Okular.

Reading Okular documentation I have not found anyway to get it to behave in this way.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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