Re: Midnight Commander copying sooo slooow

Am Tue, 31 Dec 2019 21:44:07 +0100
schrieb Alexander Oberhuber <lzw77rnc gmx at>:


I wonder if this is a common problem, but I could not help but notice
that copying files inside MC is very slooow.
Copying from the same drive to another directory on the same
partition I only get 5 mb/sec.
My SSD harddisk is much faster.
Any suggestion why MC is so slow when copying files to the same partition ?


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lot of small files ore big ones? If lots of small ones it takes more time to copy
because mc copies one by one, so always starting a new copy process, then stopping,
starting again ... using systems copy command is much faster then.   

If only a few but big files are slow to copy there should be a small difference
between mc and system. 

cu jth


Joerg Thuemmler

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