User menu "something on current file" syntax question

Apologies if this has been discussed.

The user menu option "do something on the current file" is very handy. But sometimes a command will not have %f tacked on to the end. For example, the mv command wants a destination at the end. So, I edited the user menu file to include the option "type in a command and enter %f yourself." The command is just $CMD with no %f after it. This would be more convenient than typing in the source name in the shell. But so far, it isn't working for me.

I copied to the clipboard the prefix mv -T %f which I then pasted into the "enter command" text box. Then I typed in the new file name. The first time, I neglected the -T option and got an error message that showed the source file name, so at least, the %f was being turned into the name. But when I fixed that, I got

mv: cannot stat '%f': No such file or directory

There were no tagged files when I did this.

This is version 4.8.19. Sorry but my PC is not currently connected to the internet, and it is not easy to update my apps. Also I am not very familiar with mc or with bash. Any clue would be greatly appreciated.

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