slow directory changes

[mc 4.8.21, taken from obs://]
[openSuSE Leap 42.3, up to date]


since some time I have problems with running mc on my openSuSE
machine: The longer the machine is up, the slower directory changes
become: It sometime takes a few seconds after pressing the enter key
even if the directory to be visited contains just a few files, which
is quite annoying.  It seems somehow related to mc's subshell
functionality; however, I can't prove that.

To me, it appears that something with openSuSE has changed, not
necessarily with mc – I tried an older version of mc (from openSuSE's
main updating repository), and I got similarly bad results.

Is this a known phenomenon and have there been related reports?  Is
there a configuration option that I could try to fix that (except
disabling subshell support)?


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