Re: Color: fg=white; bg=black

Diving into one's subconscious, suggests that mc would have
 <appearance settings> at the <top menu level>. And indeed:-

=> PullDn > Option > Appearnce > Pulldown <- Test various
                      & probably Save settings.

 That works on the installation which doesn't need it;
but *this* one: GNU Midnight Commander 4.8.3
lacks that facility.

So how do I select & USE one of the many <skins>?

Now back to M$ & gmail to mail this.
And I remember why links can't do gmail:
 they want JS enabled, so they can push garbage in-yo-face!

This simple test & report needed booting to 3 installations.
Always avoid updating, unless you've got plenty time to waste
recovering your settings.

On 2/28/17, chris glur <crglur gmail com> wrote:
This Debian7 laptop's mc is difficult to read.
`mc -b` is better;
but white against black-background would be better,
but I can't decode the "Color" section of the `man`.

Please give the appropriate command/syntax.
Also bold-font would be good, but I guess that's not mc's job?

== TIA.

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