Re: mc Digest, Vol 151, Issue 2

On Thu, 2 Mar 2017, chris glur wrote:

] Depends on what is wrong and what you want to change. I used to maintain
] my skin under /usr/share/mc/skins - you may find there examples.
Yes, that dir has: 95,749 bytes in 26 files !!
Apparently these are all just samples.

No, just select F9/Options/Appearence...

I'd like to point out one thing I found - using xterm-256color changes the look of the mc, switching back to TERM=xterm the bold works again...

I didn't find the WORKING file which matches the syntax of these samples.
I need bold-font: white chars on black background.
That's why we can't afford to <upgrade>: you could spend the rest of
your life studying the manual.
This gmail garbage does NOT allow to change <Subject:>
nor even see the current value, while composing.

] It allows, it is just in the pop down menu on the upper left.

No!! You don't want to scroll up to the top and lose your place.
While I'm editing this in mc, because gmail can't handle it:
mc shows me ALWAYS at the top like:
* the PATH/File, Size, Cursor position, time.

Gmail won't show you that, because they want to keep you
confused and stupid.

And I don't want to send a signal half-way around the world to
California, so that google can track my actions, by handing me
one item at a time, which I need to individually request.

In the 90's I had complete OSs eg. [ETHOberon] on 1M4 fd0:
could Cut/Paste multiple copies of multiple texts on same screen;
to keep the <mail headers> always visible & editable.
Editable off-line. Accumulate all to-be-sent mail and send with
ONE artillery-shot.

How do you send 8 different mails to different destinations,
with a limited on-line access time, via gmail?

Google just wants to engage your attention, by treating you like
a suckling: handing you single items on demand, and having an
opportunity to interspers the dialog, with their commercialism.
Thanks: esc + 0 works, when F10 is blocked.
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