Re: using "alt-t" to switch to single-panel mode

On 6/11/17, Karel <lists vcomp ch> wrote:
On 2017-06-08 20:08, Mooffie wrote:

Open src/filemanager/panel.c and search for " % ".

did you mean this section of  src/filemanager/panel.c ?

No, I erred: open src/filemanager/cmd.c instead.

The % operator is used there to cycle the modes. It goes from 0 to 3
and back to 0. (You're interested in modes 2 and 3: see panel.h for
'list_long' and 'list_user'.) The code there is simple enough if you
know basic C. (You may email me privately if you don't want to pollute
this list; but I'm not available 24/7.)

I cannot use mc^2

(Tip: Don't use "can't" on mailing lists. It gives no real information
and only raises more questions. Use "won't" instead.)

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