Re: Color: fg=white; bg=black

chris glur composed on 2017-02-28 11:48 (UTC+0200):

This Debian7 laptop's mc is difficult to read.
`mc -b` is better;
but white against black-background would be better,
but I can't decode the "Color" section of the `man`.

Please give the appropriate command/syntax.
Also bold-font would be good, but I guess that's not mc's job?

Difficult to read where, on the VTTYs, or using some GUI terminal?

If on the VTTYs, try changing the FONTFACE in /etc/default/console-setup from Fixed to TerminusBold, or commenting out the FONTFACE line so that the VTTYs use the nice bold font the kernel has used for the framebuffers by default for over two decades.

If in an Xterm, try specifying a font in ~/.Xresources, e.g.:

        xterm*faceName: Droid Sans Mono:antialias=true
        xterm*faceSize: 11
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