mc for TinyCore problem?

This query to TC is relevant:

That TC doesn't provide mc, although no user would want to crawl when
 he's used to flying, may be due to this little problem:
only after the first mc has been launched does the dir ~/.config/mc/
exist; which stores the user's preferred & chosen setup;
which the user does NOT want to lose between re-boots,
which sould therefore be saved by <shutdown> to be restored
by the next reboot.
But the setup/REinitialising of mc-settings will need to be done
 AFTER the first launching of a mc, if the mc-created ~/.config/mc/
 dir is to be used.
Which seems very unNatural: to launch the 1st mc
 & THEN call the setup-script.
How is it recommended that this problem be handled ?"

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