Re: can omni.ja be viewed with MC?

On 2/14/17, Felix Miata <mrmazda earthlink net> wrote: mentions that mc

cannot view these "optimized" .zip files named omni.ja used by Firefox and
SeaMonkey. When I try renaming to, mc reports "inconsistent extfs
archive". Is there a known solution to make these viewable in mc?

The 'unzip' program exits with error code (because it prints warnings,
to stderr) when it processes .ja files. That's why MC fails. Here's
what to do:

(1) Create a wrapper for unzip (and make it executable):

    if echo "$* " | grep "\\.ja "; then
      # when dealing with .ja files, suppress warnings and error code.
      unzip "$@" 2>/dev/null
      exit 0
      exec unzip "$@"

(2) Edit /usr/lib/mc/extfs.d/uzip. Tell it to use the wrapper instead
of "/usr/bin/unzip".

When I try renaming to,

You can also do "cd omni.ja/uzip://". (Or symlink it. Or edit MC's
"extension file".)

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