Re: Desparately need mc for Win8.1 64bit?

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Operating under warlike conditions here !

On 9/18/16, chris glur <crglur gmail com> wrote:
Win8.1 x64 sees the 10MB *.z7 on the USBstik
as a known type.
But where's the documentation of how to expand and install it,
without first getting married to M$ ?!

== TIA

On 9/18/16, chris glur <crglur gmail com> wrote:
 further frustrating research reveals:
SIZES: *7z=1M; *msi=0.9M; *7z=0.65M

With the M$-cartoon-based OS I have no control over nor idea where the
d/l-ed files will be located, nor realistic way of searching.

The apparently automated installation process fails with error-mesgs.
Perhaps my NEW Win8.1 thing is defective?

On 9/17/16, Yury V. Zaytsev <yury shurup com> wrote:
On Sat, 17 Sep 2016, chris glur wrote:

How else can I get mc-like facilities, when being forced to
use this cartoon-based thing to make inet-connection, in my
3rd-world location?!

You can try FAR Manager, it's very nice and free & open source:

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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