Changed behaviour on confirmation dialogue

My primary OS is Arch Linux, and I'm running the Arch build of MC. I've noticed in the last two versions that behaviour of the deletion confirmation dialogue has changed.

On older versions, selecting the file(s) to delete and pressing F8 would bring up the "are you sure" dialogue, with "yes" as the default, so pressing enter would complete the operation.

In the last two versions, the confirmation dialogue default has changed to "no", so I have to press "y" rather than enter. But, if I'm running MC as root, the old behaviour is used, so pressing enter is all that is required to complete the deletion.

I've looked through the configure help and can't see any way of setting this default. I've also built MC from source for my Slackware server. In that build, the old confirmation behaviour is maintained for both root and normal users.

Is this behaviour set by one of the libraries that MC uses (the Slackware build will be using older libraries I'm sure), or is there a build setting that controls this behaviour?


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