Re: Does mc need network connectivity?

Hi Yury,

Thanks for the reply and that explanation makes perfect sense to me.

Kind Regards,


On 2016-02-09 19:42, Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
On Sat, 2016-02-06 at 15:41 +0000, keith karsites net wrote:

I noticed that if routing tables are not set up correctly, there are
times when mc will not start up, or it takes a minute or more to

Midnight Commander itself does not, but underlying libraries might need
the system to be configured correctly (as in, not necessarily a working
network connection, but at least a non-broken configuration).

It could have easily been the Samba code, or X, or else gpm, or even
subshell (if the corresponding features have been enabled during
compilation); when the system is misconfigured, things might not work as
expected (surprise!).

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