No subshell ifnot root, delayed start with no internet connection


I'm new here and as many others do, I will start with a question ;-)

Maybe it's a stupid, well known thing, but if I'm using a newer version of mc (e.g. 4.8.13) and I'm not root, I have no subshell, C-o works, but immediately vanishes if I press a key. Same thing with mc -U. If I'm root, subshell works, setting /usr/bin/mc setuid works too, but is not wanted... Is there a user group I have to be in or some other user rights limitation I have to change?
Older versions (4.7...) don't show this behavior.

I use Opensuse linuxes, but seems to me, it isn't related to this.

Another thing is that mc start is delayed, if no internet connection exists, seems it's looking for something, maybe updates... no clue, why and don't know since which version this is the behavior.

Thx for any answer

cu joerg


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