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Years ago I wrote an mc tutorial which gets 90% of the traffic on my website. Hope it is of use to you, Bryce.


On 24 Nov 2015, at 0:43, Jon M <jon tech uk gmail com> wrote:

Indeed - Lynx-like motion is also my top tip.
IMHO it should be enabled as default.
Remember to save settings!

My other tip: ALT+S or CTRL+S for file searching.
Allows searching for names - with wildcards:
CTRL+S then sy jumps to first file starting with sy
CTRL+S then *sy jumps to first file containing sy
Further presses of CTRL+S jump to next matching file

If your keyboard or terminal does not have function keys:
ESC [num] does equivalent of F[num]
Example: to exit mc hit ESC then 0 (same as F10)
But why would you ever want to do that?


On Sat, 2015-11-21 at 19:00 +0200, Kertész Zoltán wrote:
Hi :)

I'd like to share one tip regarding mc.

mc is the first program always to install on a new Linux, and the
following setting is the first to make to mc once installed.

Navigate to Options/Panel options and there (on the top right) at
Navigation tick "Lynx-like motion".

What this does it activates the navigation within mc with the four
arrow keys (up and down the tree, left is out of and right is into a
folder). It is called Lynx-like motion as the Lynx text based browser
has this - I have to admit - really intuitive way of navigating. It
comes extremely handy on headless systems, speeding up getting around
in mc. I found that this is really handy, try it and see if you find
it useful too :)


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