Re: learning about mc

the config file 'mc.ext' provides the opportunity to bind a command to
the actions: Open ([enter]), View ([F3]) and Edit ([F4]).
  You can, it's worth the effort, have both: the build in editor at [F4]
being a fall back in lack of X and your preferred GUI-editor on just
hitting [enter]. That needs some shell-script skills.


Bryce Martin <bryce martin gmx com> wrote (Thu, 19 Nov 2015 19:24:44

My name is Bryce Martin. I'm Australian and this is my first email to
this list. I'm a Maths and ICT teacher working in Abu Dhabi. 

I want to get better at using MC. I think it is a great software

Can anyone tell me how to configure MC to open a particular
application to view and edit text files. Currently it is using mcedit
which is fine. But I was wondering how to make configuration changes
like the one I've just mentioned.

I'm using Ubuntu-Gnome. Gnome 3 is totally amazing and I just love it.
MC is a great fit to Gnome. Great softwares both.

Any advice on reading material (books) about MC would be warmly


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