Re: mc Digest, Vol 131, Issue 5

Wow, I've been using mc for 20 years,
Since '80 = 35 yrs
I never realized there was a  risk of it going away.

It's a bluff.

I've got about 6 instances open now in  different panes of my desktop.

If you've got 20 WorkSpaces for working on a various projects, with
 25 mc in total, and one mc is 'holding' a USBstik in it's INACTIVE
panel, and you need to umount & remove the stik. Maybe the new team can
find out where/how to list also the inactive panels' paths?

The active ones are given as:
the openFiles , of mc, 's current-working-dir
Lets see this system which had a power failure today and is still empty?
-> lsof | grep mc | grep cwd ==
mc        3742       root  cwd       DIR       3,15     4096     456358 /VodaNet
mcedit    3793       root  cwd       DIR       3,15     8192     480820 /root
mcedit    3797       root  cwd       DIR       3,15     8192     480820 /root
mcedit    3806       root  cwd       DIR       3,15     8192     480820 /root
mc        3956       root  cwd       DIR        8,5     4096        304 /mnt/hd/
mc        4384       root  cwd       DIR       3,15    28672          2 /
mc        6446       root  cwd       DIR       3,17     4096     450026 /mnt/Deb
mc        6710       root  cwd       DIR       3,15    28672          2 /
=== OK, I also use mcedits as popups from hot-keys with blackboxWM.

I thought it was maintained by a committee.

Of course it should be. What's the licence say.
The first thing to do is publicly honour the original designer: "Norton".
Recently someone gave me a Win7 <installation> and the first thing I did
with the lame thing, was install a copy of my previous century's `nc`.

== Chris Glur.

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