Re: mc Digest, Vol 127, Issue 6

OK, I tracked-down this facility on the rPi [newer mc version than my PC]:

man mc == ------------------...
  Command Menu
       The  "Screen  list" command shows a dialog window with the list of cur-
       rently running internal editors, viewers and other MC modules that sup-
       port this mode.
So, when I tested it on rPi, I got:
   Panels:[root raspberrypi]:/home
or in general:

What USELESS info !?!

What we need, is the list of INACTIVE panels [corresponding to their active
partners] so that when you've got 20 mc running [in multiple WorkSpaces and
terminals of X] and an event causes you to need access to a certain directory,
you can see which WS/Terminal has already got a mc open [but with inactive
panel] on that particular directory.

* You don't want to open multiple mc in the same directory, which increases
* a decent windowmanager [blackbox / fluxbox] shows you which WS/Terminal has
 an mc's ACTIVE panel on a certain directory.
 Although with mc1: Active:dir1 Inactive:dir2 & mc2: Active:dir3 Inactive:dir2;
 you'd still need to manually check between mc1 & mc2 to find Inactive:dir2.

Doesn't anybody else need this facility?

How do you book-mark 2 dozen mc?

== Chris Glur.

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