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Yes: good explanation.------
File: mc.ext    Line 629 Col 1   16958 bytes                100%

# xz
        Open=xz -dc %f | %var{PAGER:more}
        View=%view{ascii} xz -dc %f 2>/dev/null
-> which xz == /usr/bin/xz
So I'd expect: `xz -dc SomeFile.xz` to <show> the expanded file
in a terminal, and for mc to show via <F3>.

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   1. Re: opening *.xz files (basti)


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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 14:49:03 +0100
From: basti <black fledermaus arcor de>
To: mc gnome org
Subject: Re: opening *.xz files
Message-ID: <54A00A4F 2070302 arcor de>
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I'm no expert but i would say this depends on the file which is compressed.
First of all you need xz-utils installed.

I can't open an xz compressed dd image in mc BUT
I can open an xz compressed text file in mc.

In /etc/mc or in ~/.config/mc is an mc.ext file which define the file
extensions handled by mc.

I hope that would help you.

Best regards,

Am 28.12.2014 12:43, schrieb Kevin Wilson:
Is there a way to open *.xz files in mc ?
when I open mc, and navigate to a folder where there are compressed
files (for example, in *.tar.gz format), pressing enter on these
compressed files opens them temporarily.
If I do it on *.xz files, then garbage is displayed.

Any ideas ?

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