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mc is derived from the 'classical Nortons Commander.

Having a screen, where the little-man-in-the-box can write messages
to you, is better than an on/off light or buzzer.

2 screens are much better, because many operations are 'binary',
eg. moving From & To; comparing A & B................

3 Screens is not proportionately more useful.

Many tasks that one might do with paper on a desk, require 4..6
sheets. M$-win tries to simulate this.  IMO ETHOberon and derivatives
of plan9, which copied ETHO are much better.
wily is the public-domain linux version for plan9's version.

If you're reading a text-file of 2'345 lines, at line 1'234, and you want
to see how-many time the current word, appears in the REST of the text,
and in what context,
= do you want to lose your current 'place' ?
= if the system can make a mirror-copy, that you can serch/scroll, do you
want it to start at line 1,  or at the current position?

== Chris Glur.

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   1. Screens (Toby)


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I recently found out about the multiple screen feature, where you can have
many editors and viewers open, along with the panels, and switch among them
with Alt-{ and Alt-}.

I was wondering if there is a way to open additional panel screens, for
example to carry out a parallel task on a different pair of directories.
What about new shell screens? (ala GNU screen)

I can't tell whether these things are currently possible or not.

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