Overwhelmed by features?

When I tried to explain, in writing why I must have wily,
because mc can't do it, I found that I've missed a capability
of mc after years of usage.

If you've got 6 A4-papers on your desk, you can easily chose
the most and the least XYZ-sh of the 6, by visual comparison.

If they are 6 files in a directory, it's a problem to see the
contents and file-names of two-or-more: to make subjective
comparisons. wily does this conveniently with mousing, so you
don't even need to look-away from the screen.

mc is very-visual; wily is very-very-visual.

But NOW I found that mc is quiet capable in 'Quick view' mode:
 you can see *TOGETHER* all of ~/.mc filenames;
 + which one you're viewing the contents of
 + the contents of the chosen one
AND you can flip between the 6, fast enough to not lose the
mental-image to make comparisons ... perhaps.

An mc user asked me [privately] for wily's URL:--
wily is the public-domain version of plan9's `acme`
which was based on ETHOberon. They solve the problem
that many tasks need a sequence of files to be viewable
together.    Right now I'm writing this in wily,
and running commands, and viewing files all on the
same screen. The text that you type-in or paste is
'live' and can be 'executed as commands' by using
the mouse appropriately. So what appears below, is what
I executed, with it's replies, to find wily's URL.
wily & ETHO, open extra TextFrames, which you can
reposition, close, split/duplicate....
So you don't fall into the dark, like with mc: you lose
sight of the Dir, when you F3 the file.
=============================================== Chris Glur.
df chroot /mnt/hda15 locate aspber | grep ily ==
/mnt/hda15/home/Hardware/Raspberry/InstlWily/Log ==...
wily-9libs-0.13.42.tar.gz         171211 -rw-r--r--
wily-0.13.42.tar.gz               487783 -rw-rw-r--

find URL => InstlWily/Notes ==
 curl -I 'http://sourceforge.net/projects/wily/files/baseline/
0.13.42/wily-0.13.42.tar.gz/download' >> wily-0.13.42.tar.gz
So it looks as if I got the ARM files of wily from:

PS. did anyone ever <non-html-gmail> using mc?
That would be of great value.

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