Re: mc problem in recent versions of fedora/rhel

Thanks to Martin on the list, here is the solution:

It was actually the presence of $LANG that causes the problem.
When I unset the variable the problem is gone, this goes for both the
local and remote systems.  Fedora21 doesn't have LANG set, and if I
set it, it still doesn't show correctly.  It must be removed on the
other hosts, so nothing will have LANG set at all.  The remote hosts
i've tested this with is rhel6 and 7.  I should also mention LANG was
set to: en_US.UTF-8 on the remote
systems.  So this variable seems to cause a problem for mc.

On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 6:48 PM, solarflow99 <solarflow99 gmail com> wrote:
Hi, first i'd just like to say thanks to all the developers and users
of midnight commander, its been probably the most indispensable tool
i've used for years.

Since installing Fedora 21, using xterm I noticed the line and block
characters don't display properly when sshing to another host.  It
works fine on localhost though.  I files a bug about it in redhat
bugzilla, but no one there bothered to look at it.  Has anyone else
noticed this?

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