Re: disabling F4 opening large files

On Tue, 29 Apr 2014, Martin Vegter wrote:

I would prefer no action at all when pressing F4. I can define rules for:
but AFAIK, there is no option for

or is there?

I think there is.
Read ./home/YOU/.config/mc/mc.ext:
#    Open (if the user presses Enter or doubleclicks it),
#    View (F3), Edit (F4)

I have tried following, but that does not have any effect:

        Open=([ $(id -u) != 0 ] && [ "$DISPLAY" ] && mplayer %f
/dev/null 2>&1 &)
        View=%view{ascii} mediainfo %f

When I click F4 on a video file, mc still tries to open in in my text
editor. What am I doing wrong?


I can not comment about "what you are doing wrong" but what I understand 
about F4 is that it is supposed to open the raw file, whatever it is. This 
means to look into what is inside the file, for the purpose of editing it 
or otherwise seeing what is really there. That means if for example it is 
a binary file then one may be privileged to see plain text or, possibly, a 
bunch of hex numbers in a nice rectangular array. One might keep in mind 
that this is exactly what some people want to see, and they are glad to 
have a convenient way to do that. 


Theodore Kilgore

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