HOW2 use 'quikView' without losing Dir/s?

Can mc do quikView without losing the directory position of
one-of-the-2 panels.

Here's my test results:-

Dirs: LetfPanel == /mnt/FC1/home ; RightPanel == ~/.snownews
Try: examine TextFiles in  ~/.snownews == So,
  make RightPanel active
<F9>,r,q == DUD: examines the LetfPanel

So, try to reverse, to recover the RightPanel.Dir
 <F9>,r,Listing mode=accept default, hoping previous will be restored.
 == DUD: RightPanel == /mnt/FC1/home ALSO.

So, "RightPanel == ~/.snownews" has BEEN LOST.
 make RightPanel active
 cd -  == DUD: RightPanel NOT restored to ~/.snownews"
Check if/how `cd -` works on LetfPanel == OK: toggles between last 2 'Dirs'.
~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reset conditions and start from beginning!!
Try: make RightPanel active;
<F9>,l,q == OK: LetfPanel shows quikView of RightPanel
 and <Tab>: move Active from Right to LeftPanel,
  allows viewScrolling of TextFile, pointed to in RightPanel == Good.
Since quikView was entered, via RightPanel active: exit via same condition.
  <Tab>: move Active from LeftPanel to Right
<F9>,l,l == DUD !! Now Dir:LetfPanel == ~/.snownews and /mnt/FC1/home is lost
 cd -  == DUD: LeftPanel NOT restored.
Considering that each of the 2 panels of each active mc is a bookmark,
is it inevitable that one bookmark must be lost when using Quikview?
Which would make this facility a don't-go-there-trap.

I normally put a warning message in such scripts, which eg.
 mount-bind***; chroot***.

PS. did anyone find how to fetch gmail: pop or imap instead of http;
WITHOUT an always-on connection; i.e. so that the header-list can be viewed,
and kept, to select the mails to fetch the NEXT time you go on-line?

== TIA.

--- Why do users tolerate programs that automatically connect to THEIR
chosen URLs after they are installed/activated?
How can you accept losing control of your system?

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