MTP/PTP support in mc?

Hello. I hardly believe I am the first person who bring up this issue,
but a quick google searc reveals nothing.

MTP/PTP is like ftp, with which a user can upload and download files
from devices but not randomly access the file.

As in the example of Ubuntu 13.04, MTP/PTP is uncomprehensible to mc.
It is mounted somewhere under /run/user/$USER/gvfs and every file name
/ directory name is a number. Higher level facility (like nautilus)
can see them as named files / directories.

I am afraid people would find transferring files between computer and
mobile phone being an important part of daily file management - at
least in my case, it is the most frequent file management task, more
frequent than managing "My Documents". Is mc coming with some support
of this scenario?

Best regards
Zhang Weiwu

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