mc ignores parts of /etc/mailcap

Hello. Using mc 4.8.3 on Ubuntu 12.10. mc never customized, all using
default settings.

If I press Enter on a gif/jpeg file, mc calls 'feh' to display it.
If I press Enter on a mp3/wav file, mc flashes and does nothing more.
No more software are launched.

see(1) uses /etc/mailcap like mc*, and see(1) can open both files.
That is, see(1) opens .gif with feh(1) and .mp3 with mplayer(1), as
specified in /etc/mailcap.

Why this happens? I suppose it is a bug, because it looks like mc was
supposed to work out of the box, that is, it opens mp3 with some
software, and users only need to customize it if he/she prefers a
different software.

Best regards

* I have verified that mc(1) do use /etc/mailcap. This is how I did it:

I replaced feh in /etc/mailcap with xli, and both see(1) and mc(1)
changed behaviour, opening gif image using xli instead of feh.

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