Re: Deactivate one panel

On 2013–07–15 Piotr Ozarowski wrote:

I was wondering how to deactivate a panel. I couldn't find it in the
documentation. The other panel can be switched to different modes,
but how to deactivate it so only one panel is visible?

F9 → Left → Listing mode... → select "User defined" and enter new user
format: full type name | nlink | owner | group | size | perm | mtime

(note the "full " at the beginning)
second panel is still available - just press TAB

Thanks, this indeed creates a full width panel. However, the left
panel is *always* wide. I'd rather prefer to have a key binding, say
<C-x>w to maximise it horizontally (or vertically for that matter)
and hit it again to unmaximise it. But I guess it's not possible.

Thanks anyway. You just taught me a nice trick.


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