Re: Funny action on "opening" a pdf document

On Sun, 20 Jan 2013, Piotr Ozarowski wrote:

[Theodore Kilgore, 2013-01-19]
OK. I can not do any more of this on the machine which is in the workplace 
right now, but I tried it at home on my Raspberry Pi which was having the 
same problem. It seems to fix the problem well enough.


Some observations, both for you who apparently are connected with xdg-open 
and for the MC people:

I'm just a xdg-open user

1. The RPI is a little machine, with minimal resources. It is not expected 
to deal with mail, so there was no .mailcap file. No mail programs, not 
even client programs, and so nothing related was installed, either. Hence, 
the only way that was reasonable for creating a .mailcap file was to copy 
one over there. For similar reasons, there was no /etc/mime.types, either, 
and no .mime.types file in my user directory.

On Debian, it is provided by mime-support package which is "Priority:
standard" so you have to do some work to... not have this files
installed by default.

Not all distros are identical. What you have, of course, is an indirect 
proof that I am not running Debian on the Raspberry Pi.

Thanks for the help.

Theodore Kilgore

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