Re: Any body got mc on rPi?

On Sun, 11 Aug 2013, chris glur wrote:

Debian seems not to value mc much.
They don't even have the 'file manager' classification.
Especially since rPi must often run without a mouse, mc is essential.
But I'd like to first know that/if others have installed it without problems.
== TIA.

Yes, it is available and works without problems, AFAICT. I forget now if I 
had to use apt-get install mc, or if was already there. But either way it 
is available.

It is also, of course, available in slackarm-current which also runs 
pretty well on the RPi and which I tend to like better to use.

Off topic: The RPi can play a local audio file just fine, But does anyone 
know how to set up an RPi to stream video and audio, either through 
mplayer to play a local file, or to play music from youtube for example? I 
can do it, but the performance is herky-jerky, with lots of hickups and 
pausing. The RPi has of course less processor speed and less RAM (mine has 
512 mb, not 256) than one's average desktop or laptop, but, gee, it would 
seem that there ought to be enough resources to do this kind of 
thing without such serious problems. There does not seem to be any great 
difference what distro I am running on, it, either.

Theodore Kilgore

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